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CD-ROM: A CD-ROM is a device that reads data from a compact disk. It is also capable of playing music disks with proper software. Almost all computers on the market today at least have a CD-ROM installed. The only practical reasons to have a CD-ROM installed are to replace a broken one or if your computer came with a CD-RW drive and you want to copy from CD to CD without swapping disks. If your computer is old and did not come with one, chances are it would cost more than the computer is worth to have one installed and you need to contact us about building you a new computer.

DVD-ROM: A DVD-ROM is a device that reads data from a DVD. A DVD-ROM is also capable of reading data from a CD. These drives are also capable of playing music CD's and Movie DVD's with proper software. You may want a DVD-ROM installed to add DVD capability to your computer if it only has a CD-ROM installed. They make wonderful additions to a computer built for entertainment purposes, and DVD's hold much more data than a CD.

CDRW: A CDRW drive is a drive that can not only read CD's, but can also write to blank CD media. Blank CD media comes in two varieties: CDRW and CD-R, The difference being, CDRW disks can be written to and erased several times, where as CD-R disks can only be written to once and then the data becomes permanent. CDRW disks are good to use for data backups or copying things you're not sure you want to keep, but aren't good for music because most audio CD players will not recognize them. CD-R disks are good for all of the above as well as music because a wide variety of CD-ROMs and Audio CD players will read them without a problem, and they're also very cheap making them almost dispensable if something happens to them. .