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Offering low cost labor for upgrading your computer the way YOU want it.

Minor Upgrades

Power Supply install  $30.00
Operating System install $40.00
Virus Removal $30.00
DVD-ROM/CD-ROM/CDRW drive installation $40.00
Sound card/Video card install $30.00
Ram Upgrade $20.00
CPU Upgrade $30.00
Hard drive installation $40.00, Data transfer add $15
Modem installation $30.00
Scanner installation $15
Software installation $10 per software title
Network Card installation $30.00
I/O card install $30.00
Storage drive installation (jaz, zip etc.) $25.00

Major Upgrades 

complete transfer of system components from one case to another $80.00
Mother board install $60.00
Complete system assembly $100.00
Home Network Setup (one room) *** $100.00 
Store fee **** $40.00 

Pre-configured computers

Custom built computers available too! Tell us what you want and we'll give you the price!


Call me at 901-546-0986

Email me at

All customers must be local to the Memphis, TN area, unless they
are willing to ship computer in for service. A handling fee of
$50 will be added for shipped computers. Prices are for labor only.
parts are sold separately. You must have the parts before hand or pay
the store fee****. Minor upgrades or Mother board installations will
not be performed on a 486 or older, unless new motherboard is greater
than a 486, in such case a new CPU and RAM may also have to be installed
which at that point customer will be charged for each installation
separately, and the greater motherboard and processor must at least be
a 233mhz Pentium or faster. There are no refunds for labor. Installations
are guaranteed for 30 days that they have been performed correctly.
This does not include defective parts. If an upgrade cannot be performed
a minimum labor fee of $10 will be charged for the attempt. Defective
parts installed may be replaced with a new part once obtained for an extra
fee of $10. A test will be run before and after each upgrade. If the customer
signs both tests then the customer is stating that the upgrade was done right
and the computer was working properly at the time of completion and the
customer is responsible for all problems not related or occurring after
the upgrade was performed. The customer is responsible for all software
installed on the computer beforehand and must take whatever steps necessary
to back up all data before the upgrade has been performed. Computers
which show signs of abuse, or show signs of poor care, or are infested
with insects, rodents, etc will not be worked on at all. 

*** Home network setup price is for one room only, to run
cables to other rooms, and through walls will have an extra
$40 an hour charge. Home network setup is for Windows based
PC's using Ethernet only. Local customers only.

**** If a part is not already obtained by the customer,
and can be purchased at a local store, The customer may choose to
pay a store fee to have the technician drive to the store to purchase
the part for the customer. In such case the customer is responsible
for paying for all products purchased.

Non-local customers - If you are not local to Memphis and
would like your PC upgraded send an
Email And you will be
emailed in return a work order form. Print it and fill it out,
also send a email reply with all the information the work
order asks for so we can confirm the order. Then Send
a copy of the work order plus a check for $50 along
with your computer. Once your computer is received we will
contact you and tell you what it will cost to complete the upgrade.
You can accept or decline. If you accept you will be billed for the
cost before the upgrade is completed, if you decline your
computer will be shipped back to you without being upgraded.
The $50 fee will not be refunded. If you are billed and your
payment isn't received in 20 days your computer will be
contacted. If after 30 days there is still no payment you
will be shipped back minus your $50 fee

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