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John Phillips


To get a job using my computer skills


1997 - 2000 State Technical Institute Memphis,TN

Associates degree in computer engineering


Work experience

1995 - 1998 Kroger Memphis,TN

bagger/cashier/supervisor/customer service

     Mostly every position one could hold on the front end of the store

Work experience

1998 present Best Buy Memphis,TN

in-store technician

     Upgrades and troubleshooting on computers. Also do cleanings on other electronics and send defective units to be serviced


Hobbies and other experience

I build all my own computers. So I can take a computer apart and put it back together without a problem. I know windows 95/98. Im pretty good at 2000 also. I have a small pier-to-pier network at my house. Im pretty good at troubleshooting computer problems. I often think of little things others might not think of. I have other miscellaneous computer skills.

Any other questions about my skills please email me at