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Don't Shop at Bestbuy!!


Bestbuy is unfair to their employees!  I was once an employee of Bestbuy. I considered myself a good employee too. I worked at Bestbuy for 3 years as a computer tech, and I was one of the best ones they had. Many problems were brought to me to solve because alot of the other techs didn't know how. Then out of no where, for no reason, they fire me. Why? they say I didn't get a customer to pay for something, but, the mistake wasn't my fault nor can they prove it is, because whoever made the mistake didn't sign the paperwork.  This was my thanks for 3 years of loyal service to their company, thrown out the door with no way to pay my bills for no reason at all. Therefore, It is my opinion along with all the other ex-employees of Best buy who were fired for no reason, that Bestbuy no longer deserves your hard earned money.  
If you yourself are an ex-employee of Bestbuy and, like me, were fired for no reason, or have been treated unfairly as an employee of Bestbuy and still work for them email me your story and I'll start a list on this page. Bestbuy treats their employees like crap, and it's time people knew about it!!

This is the list I am starting.

Name Email address Story