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Hello, Welcome to my web page. My name us John. I am a Christian and I'm from Memphis, TN. I was born 10/11/78 and I graduated from StateTech in Memphis, TN in 2001. State Tech merged with Shelby State Community college, something I consider very stupid. So, in protest I still call it State Tech even though the school is now called Southwest Tennessee Community College. This is the section of my web page where I show you all my goofy, dorky pictures. :) I've slightly updated this part of the page on 1/23/06

My ICQ # is 16129664. And my AOL IM screenname is SpriteCan.

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Here are some pictures of me.
This is one of my senior pictures
This is me stylin' in my suit on easter 2000 :)
I made this one at work while I was goofing off.
These are a bunch of dorky pictures I made with my webcam. It's just a bunch of pictures of me acting goofy. I promise my hair looks normal sometimes and I do shave now and then :). There's even a video clip of me acting goofy.
Here I am smiling like a dork. My hair is messy and I need to shave. I don't always look a mess :).
Here I am acting like a total goof ball. Again, messy hair and I need to shave. oh well :)
This is me again acting goofy. With the messy hair and beard and stuff.

Oh my gosh I shaved! This is me sticking my tongue out. My hair is less messy than the other pics too. I'm still in my work clothes here.

I think I just woke up in this one, even though it looks like someone hit me on the head with a blunt object.

Ok these are some video clips, finally in Real Video format! :)

Click on the image here to see a video clip of me acting goofy. If the real video doesn't work click here for the AVI (301k)

This is also a video clip. Sometimes I like to watch The Tom Green Show so that gave me the idea to make this clip. I don't really know why. here is the AVI (737k)

Late 2005 update pictures
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Image hosting by Photobucket