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We have 8 Cats. Maxie, Mandie, Madeline, Missy, Molly, Snickers, Lizzie and Rosha. We also have a parakeet named Harry, 4 African Dwarf frogs, a Merigold Sword fish named Mike and a Pleco. We also have 2 dogs. A cocker spaniel named Charlie, and a Chihuahua/terrior mix named Chico. Here are their pictures and a little about each.

This is Maxie. She is 1 and a half years old. She's a sweet cat who is very laid back and likes to keep to herself.

This is Mandie. She is 1 and a half years old also and Maxie's Sister. She is also a very sweet cat who is playfull and loving. She enjoys laying on her back and following us to the restroom.

This is Madeline. Like all of our cats she is very sweet. She enjoys laying in our laps and rolling over on her back when you call her name. She is very intelligent and will try her best to run into the room you are going into when you open a door.

This is Missy. Missy is sweet and shy. We found Missy in the middle of the street eating a piece of rotten meat. When she almost got hit by a car we knew we had to rescue her. Little did we know at the time, but Missy was carrying a supprise inside herself. The supprise was a litter of adorable kittens. We kept the girls and gave the boys up for adobtion. We miss the boys but it was for the best because we feared they would inbread with their sisters.

This is Snickers. Snickers is one of Missy's daughters. Snickers is extremely effectionate and playful. She loves sitting in our laps and hanging her head upside down. She is always happy, chearful, full of energy, and loves attention. If you call her name she will come running for it.

This is Lizzie. Lizzie is also a daughter of Missy and named after my wife's sister. Like her mother Lizzie is shy but very sweet. Her favorite toy is a ball tied to a door nob with a piece of elastic. She is timid about attention at first until she's good and sure you don't mind giving it to her.

This is Molly. Molly is Missy's 3rd daughter. She was also a runt, and the only runt out of 3 to survive. She is sweet and loves playing with her sisters, mother, and aunt Mandie but is shy about human attention, however, there are rare times she enjoys our attention. We saved Molly's life because when her mother pushed her away as a baby, something common with cats when the mother knows the baby is a runt, we put her back and allowed her to eat. She is healthy and strong now and as active as the other two kittens.

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This is Rosha. We rescued her from a friend who was going to just put her out on the street.

This is our parakeet Harry. Harry is only a few months old. He doesn't talk yet. But still sings when he is happy. He's only spoken once since we've had him. He jumped on my wife's leg, said "hiya cutie" and took a poop on her leg and jumped down. He hasn't spoken since.

These are our African Dwarf frogs. I haven't named them because it's hard to tell them apart. They are very easy to take care of because they only eat once or twice a week. They'll eat fish food or bloodworms. They enjoy riding the current up to the filter, swimming down and then riding it up again.

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This is our fish, Mike.

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This is our Pleco

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This was our snail, Gary. Gary recently died from a nematode infestation.

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This is one my dogs, Charlie. I have another dog named Chico. He's a Chihuahua/Terrior mix. I don't have a picture of him at the moment. He's new to the family.